The Continued Work-Life Balance Battle

I work way more than 40 hours a week. I try to not be one of those people that are glued to their laptop and work cell phone but I can’t help it! I’ve gotten better so that’s a plus. There was a time that I would attend family functions or hang out with friends and have both my personal and work cell phones present. I now bring just my personal phone along.

Unfortunately, I do frequently check emails while at home and on weekends. The young man I am dating at the moment often gets a bit taken back with how seriously I take work. Now that I am in school, I am even more glued to my computer – working on assignments and checking school emails.

I like to consider myself an over-achiever but I am also a daughter, a friend, an aunt, a sister, a girlfriend and a colleague to those in my world. Work-life balance is a forever battle that I’ll face. I’m getting better at it by the day and proud with  how far I’ve come. I make sure I don’t miss any big events for my loved ones and that I don’t miss any deadlines for school or work.

I would say this is an achievement!


The MTA Needs to Do Better

The New York City subway system is terrible. There is no other word to describe it. I am an everyday commuter and disgusted with the stations and trains. The subway is quite expensive, with prices on the rise and yet is so unclean. Complaints go unheard when it comes to the subway. There are more mice than people. The stench of the trains and subway stations are unheard of. The delays that cause folks to be so late to their destination is ridiculous. I can continue but I don’t want to scare anyone away from reading this post.

New York should learn the train systems of other cities that are successful such as Washington, DC. The DC subway system is excellent as commuters are given citations if they are found eating, the stations and trains are immaculately clean, trains are on time and alert commuters of when they are not. Additionally, the Wi-Fi works great!! There is no smell and no reason to feel as though you are not getting the service you deserve.

Another great subway system is in Chicago. Chicago favors NYC as the stations look similar but again, are kept pretty clean. I think one of the main factors that destroy NYC subways is that homeless folks are sleeping and turning the stations into their homes. There are not enough police officers monitoring their behavior and how some torment passengers. I also believe extermination needs to be taken more seriously throughout the city.

There is potential for the NYC subway system to be better but it will take A LOT of work. A LOT of time. A LOT of money (although they have all of ours). A LOT of dedication from the MTA board and A LOT of understanding. If the MTA took the time to really evaluate commuter complaints and feedback, implement a plan to save their image and execute – we may be able to save the subway system after all.

The Struggle of Losing Weight

Since I graduated college in 2009, my weight has gone up and down. I’ve had moments where I have lost close to 30 pounds and then gain it back. This has been a struggle for me through out the years.

Now that I am approaching 30, I understand the importance of keeping the weight off and avoiding health issues. I have finally started making my health a priority and stopped having excuses for why I have not been able to workout.

Working in Soho and living in Nassau County has been a big excuse as to why I don’t work out. I’m happy to have recently started finding classes in the city where I can exercise and still make it home at a decent hour. I’ve also cut out breads and rice and focus on eating veggies and fruits. I’ve felt better about myself since making this change.

Since I’ve started this in the beginning of March, I’ve been down nine pounds. Nine pounds may not seem like a lot but its been making me feel better. So for those looking to lose and having excuses, think of how much better you’ll feel when the weight is down. Think of the clothes, the happiness, the comfort and keep going!


ZIKA VIRUS – Has the Internet Gone Mad?

For the past few months, I have been excited for my trip home to Guyana in South America. The trip would give me the opportunity to meet with family that I haven’t seen in years and continue bonding with my mother and sister as we were planning to travel together. THEN, Zika came. My trip was scheduled for February 18th to February 28th and was originally planned in efforts to celebrate my birthday. THEN, Zika surfaced.

I learned about Zika through the media and didn’t think much of it when I read the first couple of articles. In my eyes, it was an outbreak of a virus that would likely not harm me or any where I would travel. New developments on the virus continued to surface daily and I started getting a bit worried. Soon after, I was looking at every article on the virus and started to pay attention to the travel alerts that were announced. As soon as I saw “Guyana” on the list, I cringed. Although I am not a pregnant woman, I did not know the additional harm the virus can cause. I immediately cancelled (better yet, postponed) the trip with my mother. The cancellation hurt but I would rather my family and I be safe than sorry.

I then became obsessed with Zika media and social media coverage. Zika became trending and I continued to monitor how the virus could potentially crimp other travel plans I have for the spring and summer. I began offering my coworkers information on the virus as though I worked for the CDC myself.

Since last week, I’ve finally calmed down. Sigh. I admit that I let the media control my thoughts and raise my level of paranoia. Not that I am not scared of the virus, but this was my one and only focus in the news. The rapid spread of the virus ran wild not only in the countries that were affected, but in the news. I realized how powerful the media was and have now moved on to following the face slashings in New York.

I’ll keep you all posted on my next paranoia fascination!